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Our Investment Philosophy

Over the last 60+ years, we’ve witnessed a tectonic shift in the world of investing. We’ve moved from the “old world of speculation and concentration” to the “new world of prudence and world class global diversification.” The over-whelming majority of investors today are stuck in the “old way of investing.” As a result, your portfolio probably does not align with your unique level of risk and doubly, you are probably not receiving the long-term market rates of return commensurate with the level of risk you are taking.

At Bergland Wealth Management, we long ago (1993) moved to the “new world of prudence and being world class globally diversified.” We take a structured approach to investing. Avoiding short-lived investments fads, we instead focus on the efficiency of the global markets. Markets work. Why not let the markets work for you? By diversifying across the global markets you are able to get market rates of return but with less risk. Amazing. But true. You want to minimize fees, minimize turnover, minimize taxes (by being tax efficient), and be globally diversified so as to minimize uncompensated risk from your portfolio.

Following our investment philosophy we help you:

  • Minimize fees
  • Maintain broad global diversification across asset classes
  • Minimize turnover
  • Invest in those global dimensions that point to systematic differences in expected returns (in other words, invest the global markets where expected returns come from)

Key Principles

We focus on creating your plan, helping you pursue those things that are most important to you, and developing your investment plan that will maximize the probability that you will be able to achieve those things that are most important to you. In order to do this, we follow these five key principles:

  1. Markets Work: Security prices are set by millions of investors competing with each other to find the most attractive returns and quickly assimilating new information into prices.
  2. Diversification is Essential: Diversification across multiple asset classes, industries, countries, and company size reduces risk.
  3. Risk and Return Are Related: Investors cannot expect higher returns without taking on additional risk. It’s important to determine your comfort level for risk and how much you are willing to take in the pursuit of high returns.
  4. Structure Determines Performance: Performance is determined more by your asset class selection than by market timing or security selection.
  5. Rebalancing Adds Value: We review your portfolio frequently and rebalance as needed.