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What You Want

You are ready to act. You recognize the need for a Wealth Management Plan to answer your financial questions as well as provide a process with organization and structure. The qualities you seek from your financial advisor and advocate include:

  • A fiduciary – one who acts solely in your best interest at all times
  • Someone whom you can trust
  • Someone who will uphold privacy and confidentiality
  • Someone who provides independent advice
  • Does not sell a product
  • Responsive
  • Loyal

Bergland Wealth Management can assist with your financial concerns. We possess the qualities you seek in an advisor.  As a Fee-Only, independent Registered Investment Advisory firm since 1985, we offer both investment management and wealth management services to our clients. We specialize in helping our clients:

  • Live worry free about their finances
  • Have confidence in accomplishing their goals
  • Know they are ready for retirement
  • Be prepared in advance for the global markets as they go up and down
  • Be able to sleep well at night

Most importantly, we want our prudent process to bring you peace and confidence. This, in turn, should free you to be able to spend your time doing those things that are most important to you. Lastly, our goal is to make a tremendous impact in your life. If we see that we cannot help you by having a tremendous impact, we will let you know and do our best to direct you to another firm that may be a better fit for you and your unique situation.