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Wealth Management

Wealth Management services are a comprehensive discipline comprised of three components: Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning, and Relationship Management.

Investment Consulting involves the management of all investment elements to maximize the probability of achieving targeted ROI (return on investment).

Advanced Planning goes beyond investments to address other types of financial challenges or concerns ranging from wealth protection, wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, and charitable giving.

Relationship Management centers around three different groups: the client (you), your third-party professionals, and our own professional network.

Our professional network includes CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents and other subject matter experts. We are skilled at orchestrating open communication, contribution and collaboration among your professional team and ours; it’s our experience that bringing everyone together on your behalf ultimately yields a very positive impact on the overall success of your wealth management plan.

And of course, we do not accept referral fees from any other professionals. That ensures there is zero conflict created by our recommendations to utilize outside professionals.

It’s important to stress that as a Bergland client you are not left to your own devices, meaning we stand ready to assist with any and all financial needs that may arise; for example, purchasing an insurance policy or updating your estate plan. It’s our mission to meet your needs in a manner that optimizes the probability of achieving your goals, and living your ideal life.