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Interested in Cryptocurrency? Watch this webinar!

Dimensional hosted Professor Marco Di Maggio, fintech and cryptocurrency expert to offer a deeper look into recent advances in digital currency and its impact on the global economy.  This is among the best webinars that I’ve attended all year!

My personal key takeaway was their introduction to the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  It was interesting to note 2 key points on slide 19 … 1) CBDC is not subject to commercial banks in the event of bankruptcy, and 2) direct control of targeted payments/stimulus checks.

It leaves me wondering if FDIC insurance really will no longer be available with a CBDC.  Plans are already in the works for stimulating the economy at a faster rate than was experienced in 2020.  Rather than wait for those government checks to arrive in the mail, there will be ‘direct control of targeted payments/stimulus checks.’  What does the future hold for digital currencies?  It is anyone’s guess.  This is a great introduction if you’re interested in learning more.

Marco Di Maggio on Fintech Trends

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