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The Fiduciary Standard

Always Putting You First

“As a Fiduciary Financial Advisor, we have a legal requirement to act in your best interest. That means we are obligated by law to make recommendations that benefit you directly.”

Tiffany B. Ballard, MSPFP, CFP®, AIF®
President, Bergland Wealth Management

We are committed to providing you with the best advice we can give without any conflicts of interest. We act with undivided loyalty to you and provide complete transparency and disclosure when it comes to our compensation or investment approach.

Further, we do not pay or accept referral fees. If we recommend another professional it will be solely because they may be the right professional for the need. Similarly, if another recommends us we want it to be because we are the right advisor and not because they are being incentivized to send us clients.

Our Pioneering Role–Est. 1985

We’re proud that our founder, John E. Bergland, Jr. took the bold step of walking away from a successful career in the insurance industry because he saw the clear need to provide a service that wasn’t being met.  While banks, insurance companies and broker-dealers were focused on selling financial products, he recognized the power of providing fee-only, fiduciary advice to help people make smart decisions and maximize the probability of accomplishing those things most important to them. He offered counseling, strategizing, planning and finally implementing, hand-crafting the ideal recommendations for each client. He blazed this trail in Mississippi, and soon acquired client relationships outside the state as well.