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Our Consultative Process

Our working relationship is forged upon a methodical process that thoroughly addresses all aspects of your financial life and makes them far more manageable. This collaborative, consultative process addresses three areas: Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning, and Relationship Management. It’s a highly effective, time-tested system that coordinates with your other professional advisors for a truly holistic end result, i.e., you living your ideal life.
Initial Meeting
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Discovery Meeting
Our first meeting focuses on data gathering and understanding your specific needs and financial priorities.
Develop Initial Plan*
*No advice is given without a signed agreement
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Investment Planning

An evaluation and diagnostic overview of your current financial situation, recommendations on next steps and details on our investing approach. We review your current allocation and risk tolerance, and identify the gaps or areas of improvement projected to result from our investment strategy.

Second Meeting, Approx. 2 Weeks Later
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Deliver Your Investment Plan

The presentation of a personalized investment plan designed for your specific goals with an overview of our investment philosophy.

Third Meeting, Approx. 1 Week Later
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Mutual Commitment Meeting
An Advisory Agreement is signed after both parties (client and Bergland advisor) agree the fit is right. We then start the process of implementing your Investment Plan (money agreement) and writing your Financial Plan (after we have both signed that specific agreement).
Develop and Deliver Advanced Plan
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The Advanced Plan
We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the entire range of financial needs with our recommendations for moving forward.
Scheduled Follow-Up Meetings, Typically Quarterly
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Recurring Progress Meetings
We’ll set up periodic meetings to review progress and the implementation of your advanced plan.
Drawing Upon Additional Professionals as Needed
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Leveraging our Professional Network
We have a select network of trusted professionals at the ready, including attorneys, CPAs, insurance specialists and other experts, to assist with various needs that may arise.